Physical Training

The program

We offer one-on-one training with clients at the facility of your choice, whether that be a commercial gym, the park or your home. The goal is to get our clients familiar with the equipment available to them so they can perform the exercises safely. Even a simple set of resistance bands used at home can give a very complete workout with minimal investment. Understanding proper form and movement is very important in minimizing injury and increasing results.

The next option is virtual training. This may be a new concept to many people but it will be the future of training. Imagine having a full evaluation done by a certified exercise physiologist, who understands your goals, health history, and limitations, then having a program designed and updated specifically for you. The five components of all our training are, 1) Nutrition/Recovery, 2) Accountability/Support, 3) Assessment, 4)Program Design, 5) Teaching Technique. This is the difference between partnering with a virtual coach and just watching a YouTube video. Don`t just train, achieve the outcomes you desire.

Your workout program will be uploaded to our app and changed every 4 weeks, based on goals and results of each individual. The client enters data on the app during your workout and can be seen by your exercise physiologist to monitor progress. Updates are made as needed, from a distance. There are video demonstrations of all exercises in app to cue the client on completing each exercise safely. You can even video yourself and upload to your coach for feedback.


In person training:

At your location of choice – $60/hour
10 sessions prepaid – $500

Virtual training:

$59 per month. Recurring billing. Predetermined cancel date available.

There is no magic “best workout” to burn calories, build muscle or get healthy. The best choice is one you can enjoy that has minimal amount of risk. That is most likely to be the program that is sustainable for the long term. If science says HIIT burns the most calories but you hate it, you are likely to discontinue the program, rendering it useless for you. Some people like group experiences, some solo, while others can not tolerate anything but exercise outdoors. We understand this and stand by you to accommodate with a program based off your needs.

Most people think of working out to “burn calories” or to “bulk up” and build big muscles. There are so many more unseen benefits. For example increasing cardiovascular performance can lower your resting heart rate and lower blood pressure by making the body more efficient at rest when not exercising, or lower blood sugar even in people that have built up insulin resistance.

Muscular strength is critical to avoid falls and continue doing activities of daily living or your favorite hobbies. Sarcopenia, muscle loss, affects all of us as we age, but physically inactive people can lose 3-5% of muscle mass per year after the age of 35. This loss of muscle can be limited and even reversed to a large degree with proper resistance training and nutrition.

Osteoporosis is another common issue as people age. There is most often no visible signs of reduced bone density or increased porosity of the bone. This change in bone structure can be limited with regular resistance training and proper nutrition. Taking action early with preventative measures is always the best course but getting started is the most important.

What ever your reasons for deciding to become more physically active, we applaud you for taking that first step. We are here to develop a plan that`s right for you while offering the tools and support needed to be successful. This is achieved in part by incorporating our dynamic life coaching tools. Instead of motivating, we seek to inspire from within you.