Nutrition Counseling Services in Scottsdale, AZ

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The Program

Our program works in 4 weeks increments. This is the minimum commitment needed to form new habits and see results. This is a comprehensive program that will encompass all aspects of your nutrition. This includes what to eat, when, why, recipes, grocery shopping lists and how to prepare foods if that help is needed.

During our initial one hour consult we will uncover your health history, goals, motivations, prior success and failures, identify possible hurdles to over come, areas that need special attention and more. Prior medical diagnosis will be taken into account and are welcome information. From this, we will implement a nutrition plan for sustainable success that will be reviewed by our medical professionals.

Four weekly meetings done either in person or via HIPPA compliant tele-medicine phone call, lasting 45 minutes, Here we will track progress, challenges that may have arisen and adjust as needed. Each meeting will also revisit motivations, goals and state of mind throughout the prior week.

At the conclusion of week 4, and each subsequent four week block, we will do a complete analysis of results charting weight, body fat %, appropriate tape measurements, motivation levels and other relevant information needed to ensure continued success.


4 weeks $299 – Pay as you go no commitment.
5% discount for recurring billing. Predetermined cancel date available.

8 weeks $539 – Get committed to the changes you desire. 10% savings

12 weeks $699 – Go all in, tell your friends, and envision the future. 22% savings

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.


Nutrition and food is so much more than just writing a simple meal plan. We use food as a life coping tool, one pint of ice cream at a time. It is part of our culture and how we celebrate with friends and family. We may also have limiting beliefs about ourselves that are not true and hold us back. All of these things and many more can interfere with getting optimal nutrition and we will address all of these points and more, to help you get the best results possible.

Over 85% of Americans suffer from malnutrition because they do not eat the recommended amount of healthy food to get the most essential vitamins and minerals. This often occurs while people eat an excess of calories. While supplements do have their place, we prefer our patients get these essential nutrients in the best natural form possible, from food. The goal is nutrient dense instead of calorie dense.

Nutrition recommendations will be tailored to your specific needs, lifestyle, skills and culture. No boiler plate diets or one size fits all. This is your first step towards lifestyle change using food as medicine, not just a new diet. Meal plans are flexible to allow substitutions, left overs, take out and even to feed the whole family with the same plan while tracking calories and macros.

Need help learning how to cook, prepare food or shopping? We can help with that too! To be successful, you must have the proper tools, knowledge and support. This most often means combing nutrition with exercise to get a synergistic effect on the overall health benefit. That`s why we include an exercise plan suited to you as part of all nutrition programs!