Life Coaching

These are complimentary tools incorporated into all our lifestyle medicine. Life coaching is must, it is part of the tools needed to get the best outcome. Of the people, who start a “diet”, 95% will fail. This is not because their stove broke, the fridge got stolen or the store stopped selling good food. Instead, something in the brain clicked back to the way it used to operate.

The proper mindset and expectations are critical or failure is inevitable. During the consultation we will uncover your motivations for desire to change, get to the root of why you operate the way you do, and expand upon those. Do you have limiting beliefs and behaviors? What do you tell yourself during times of success, failure or while dreaming of the future? What are your biggest fears? What is your blueprint for life saying how things should be? What would it take to be there?

Together we will create a vision for the future that is sustainable, achievable and still allows for a slice of birthday cake. We provide the support and accountability so you can commit to a deeper level of change than ever before. Together we can remove those hidden barriers that have been holding you back.